Data Driven, ROI-Focused Customer Aquisition

Konvursions Delivers Higher Quality Customers

Konvursions is a full-service user acquisition and marketing agency that uses technology, audiences and a data-driven approach to run true ROI-optimized user acquisition and retention campaigns. With Konvursions, campaigns are optimized to drive actions beyond the click, like booking a hotel, subscribing to a service, or making a purchase.


Connect people with the products and services they love to use.


Capitalizing on advances in technology to give marketers a more effective advertising solution.

Our Story


We began Konvursions in August, 2009 with the mission to revolutionize how companies build and grow an active, engaged user base. Our approach was to design a truly ROI-optimized acquisition and retention agencies for small and medium-sized businesses. We set our sights running campaigns focused on finding users who will take meaningful actions beyond the click, like register for an account, book a hotel room or make a purchase. This is how online marketing should work.

Since our launch, Konvursions has grown to become a prominent player in marketing industry, powering cost-per-action optimized marketing and re-engagement campaigns for some of the world’s greatest brands.

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