How to Create Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Today, Facebook is worth close to $100 billion, making it the world's 4th most recognizable and highest-valued brand on the planet.

As such, it's only right that you use this built-in audience to create some ads that are effective. This will help you grow your consumer base and engage with the public in a way that will catch on.

To this end, you owe it to yourself to learn a little bit about Facebook lookalike audiences, what they are, and how to get effective marketing results out of them. Mastering the art of lookalike audiences can grow your company's reach by leaps and bounds.

If you want to see how to create a lookalike audience, follow the points in this article.

What are Facebook Lookalike Audiences?

A lookalike audience is a pool you can draw from when you creating a Facebook ad. On a basic level, this is a type of audience that is garnered by studying other audiences that are similar to yours.

For instance, if your brand revolves around dating advice for men, you may find some cross-promotion potential when studying audiences related to men's fitness, fatherhood, and other such issues.

By tapping into lookalike audiences, you're able to get a better return on investment (ROI) out of your targeted campaigns and can find high-quality leads that get you results and improved conversions.

When you master Facebook lookalike audiences, you will be able to optimize everything from sales funnels to brand engagement as a whole.

How Do They Work?

If you create a fine-tuned Facebook lookalike audience, you stand the chance to grow your business' reach by leaps and bounds. It's important to also get a feel for how exactly how lookalike audiences work.

Once you create a source audience using different data metrics, you'll be able to then execute your strategies.

How to Create a Lookalike Audience That Gets Great Marketing Results

Looking into creating lookalike audiences will allow you to get amazing marketing results. However, it's important that you execute in a way that bolsters that sort of success.

Here are some tips that'll help you create a lookalike audience with effectiveness:

1. Take the Time to Source the Best Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Before you set out to use Facebook lookalike audiences to create Facebook ad campaigns, you need to understand where to source them. Knowing where to get this data is half the battle.

In general, you'll be pulling Facebook lookalike audiences from sources like web traffic, video and engagement. Some other sources of lookalike audiences include information shared by customers, activity garnered from the app, and how people interact with the different pages.

When you fine-tune the way that you source your lookalike audiences, it'll allow you to be more specific with your ad campaigns. Knowing what you are hoping to achieve will guide you in figuring out which sources to use.

2. Figure out Your Desired Audience Size and Demographics

It's important to pattern your Facebook ad strategy around up to the moment happenings in your business. Honing in on target size and demographics will guide you in your pursuit.

For instance, once you have pulled a list from mirroring similar audiences, you should figure out what size you want to market to. You could create ads for the entire list, or anywhere between 1% and 10% of it. The more specific you target, the greater ROI you can expect to receive.

When whittling your audience size down, make sure you use a criterion that increases engagement and conversions. By understanding demographics and how they make a difference in your campaign, it will improve your results.

3. Set Up a Video Campaign That Works

Creating and posting videos allows you to create your own lookalike audience to market to.

For instance, the platform's analytics will let you see who viewed your video, how long they watched, how they interacted with or shared it, and how many of your other videos they have watched. By having this data, you can then begin targeting your next batch of videos and other marketing campaigns toward this audience.

You can use this data to create several custom audiences of your own. For instance, you can break it down by criteria like users who watched at least a minute of the video, those that watched the entire video, those that shared your video, and several others.

This will inform not only the content you create moving forward but how you can turn those users into customers or long-term followers.

4. Make Use of Your E-Mail List

Once you begin engaging with customers on Facebook through lookalike audiences, you can double down on this marketing by building your e-mail list.

This allows cross-promotion and engagement that deepens, and lets you market to people in new ways. As you pull together a lookalike audience, you'll have access to users' e-mail addresses, and can find creative ways to get them to opt into your e-mail list.

5. Use the Lookalike Tools in Your Facebook Dashboard

Keep in mind that there are several tools you can take advantage of when you are trying to master your lookalike audiences.

If you have a Facebook Business page, there are several preferences and analytics available to you right when you login. For instance, you can access the admin page and start creating a lookalike audience from the ground up.

Some of the tools that you can take advantage of include greater customization over groups and group sizes, the ability to target countries and geographical locations, and analytics that monitor app activity. The more you get to know this platform, the easier it will be for you to get amazing marketing results.

6. Consistently Test Your Lookalike Audience

When you utilize lookalike audiences for any sort of marketing campaign, it's important to monitor it and make changes little by little. Consider each ad campaign a test, and use analytics to truly get to know strategies that create results.

If you're not analyzing your lookalike audience changes and campaign results, you are leaving a lot of progress on the table, no matter your goals and objectives.

7. Fine-Tune Your Targeted Features

The way that you fine-tune your targeted features will dictate how you get results with your ad campaign.

For instance, you can use existing lookalike audiences to spawn others that follow an even stricter set of criteria. By whittling it down based on the features that more deeply achieve your goals, you will eventually establish the cream of the crop of the users that engage with you the most frequently and at the highest levels.

8. Consider the Lifetime Value of Your Campaigns

In a world where many marketers are seeking short-term gains, it's important that you consider the customer lifetime value (CLV) of your campaigns.

This metric lets you know which segments of your audience will give you the greatest ROI, which will also dictate how you should be setting up your ad campaign budgets. In order to calculate this CLV, you will need to multiply the number of repeat sales, along with the average order value and average retention time.

Using this calculation will allow you to take a more scientific and specific approach to any Facebook ad campaign you are creating, and will also make it a lot more cost-effective in the long run.

In taking this long-term approach, be sure that you measure engagement and results every step of the way. It's important to maximize campaign tracking tools so that you are able to so you can use the data to get results.

From there, you can create an ad that works.

Once you are ready to move forward with an ad campaign, Konvursions has every tool you need, along with the experience of professionals that have been in the industry for years.

Lean on Us to Get Results With Facebook Ads

When you are trying to learn how to create a lookalike audience, these are some of the points that you need to know about. With quality Facebook ad campaigns, you'll be able to both find your audience and allow your audience to find you.

At Konvursions, we specialize in assisting you in creating lookalike campaigns and then following through with a winning ad strategy. All of our work is data-driven and ROI-optimized, and we're positive we can help you get results, no matter what industry you operate within.

When you're looking for a great ROI for your Facebook ad campaign, reach out to learn more about us and everything that we do.

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