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Companies choose Konvursions to gain a competitive advantage.
250% decrease in ad spend
HIGHER REVENUE more traffic, more conversion
200man hours saved
INCREASED EFFICIENCY automated tools, more productivity
3x increase in audience reach
SOCIAL REACH engage with more customers
45% increase in lead value
MORE VALUE improve quality and satisfaction

The Konvursions's Difference

How are we different than other paid marketing and advertising agencies?
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First off, What is User Acquisition?

User acquisition is different than marketing. Marketing focuses on getting your product out into the world. Social media posting, banner ads, tv spots, newsletters. All of these are standard marketing tactics that are effective for showcasing your brand. User acquisition on the other hand is concerned with acquiring users, increasing sales and boosting your bottom line. Additionally, a proper user acquisition strategy is an asset to your company. The data obtained through rigorous testing, analytics and optimization is something that you will be able to use and refine to increase growth and margins throughout the lifecycle of your company.

Our goal is to get you more customers and
make you more money in a stream-lined and efficient way.

Konvursion’s core teams’ expertise is marketing and customer acquisition with deep computer science technology backgrounds. We built or leverage existing tools to automate routine functions of marketing processes.

We believe customer acquisition manager should rarely be logging into platforms or working on spreadsheets. By building best in class tools that save time and automate many routine tasks. Our focus is on building and leveling-up user acquisition programs, especially in the finance, health and entertainment verticals.

We achieve real-time campaign visibility via dashboards that enable quick decisions at the publisher or creative level. We optimize toward early-funnel events which serve as proxies to user lifetime value. At 5- or 6-figure/day spend, these things are essential.

In short - we are a highly experienced marketing and
user acquisition team with deep technology backgrounds
and extensive UA campaign experience.

The Konvursions's Process

How we are changing up the CPA game.


First, we examine your current tech setup and recommend improvements. Typically this involves helping configure an attribution provider, in-app events, BI tools, marketing SDKs, and dashboards.

We've seen and implemented best-in-class technology.

Campaign Launch

Next, we setup & launch campaigns. We launch Facebook & Google quickly to learn. Then we launch performance network campaigns, as they provide predictable pricing and reliable user growth.

Creative is an important process at this stage. We can implement an efficient process or produce made-for-UA video ads for you.

Optimize and Scale

Ongoing, we optimize the campaigns via a specific, repeatable process we teach you. All decisions are data driven and not based on gut feeling.

KPIs we focus on are user retention, conversion rate, CPI/CPA, and ROAS.

Konvursions' Clients See Results

Testimonials from past clients
Three Years of Stellar Service... "Konvursions have been our most trusted advertising partner for the past 3 years. I always feel comfortable with their systems and traffic as they consistently delivers the results we need. The entire team is responsible and able to quickly adapt to our needs as well as the ever changing advertising landscape. We highly recommend them for any companies looking for both user acquisition and direct response campaigns." Nick Cronin, VP Finance @ Invoca
An Invaluable Partner... "Nick and his team at Konvursions are invaluable partners for anyone looking to increase the effectiveness and sophistication of their digital marketing efforts. Whether you are starting from scratch or have an existing approach that you are looking to evolve, Nick has the experience and expertise to help you navigate this highly technical and often counterintuitive domain." David Silverander, Co-Founder @ Hitch
Seven Figure Campaigns with Konvursions... "Konvursions helped provide excellent UA work for a few agency clients in the programmatic realm. That area of digital advertising is a bit outside of my area of expertise, and with their strategy and technical help I was able to launch several six to seven figure campaigns for clients I have in a few different verticals." Paul Bourque, Director of Operations @ Invue Digital
Maximized Profits & ROI... "Nick and the team at Konvursions are A+ digital marketers and all around great guys. They helped us create low cost / targeted acquisition funnels that drove profits and maximized ROI on our ad spend. If you get a chance to work with Nick consider yourself lucky, you’re in good hands." Garret Tadlock, CEO @ Pawloyalty
Able to Handle Complex Integrations... "We had some very ambitious and complex needs with the launch of a new product and tracking our entire user acquisition funnel. Konvursions was recommended from a colleague in the space and they were able to quickly and efficiently set up a reliable and scaleable system of processes for our campaigns. Highly recommended." Matt Walters, Product @ Sage CRM
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