What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

When a single marketing strategy can net you a 223% increase in ROI, we start paying attention. This strategy is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

In our day and age, our marketing strategies are set up with the goal of directing our potential customers straight to our websites. A single visit can be converted into multiple leads for the sales team to close.

Once this process is set, marketers usually turn their focus on how to repeat it infinitely. The "optimization" part of the conversion rate equation comes in strong at that stage.

Unfortunately, it's easier said than done. Still, you can build a solid CRO foundation by learning about it and applying some tried-and-true strategies that help put your —strategic— show on the road.

Here's what conversion rate optimization means, in addition to three basic CRO strategies to keep in mind.

Conversion Rate Optimization: The Definition

In the simplest of terms, conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a method of getting website visitors to take a specific action when they visit your website.

It's "optimized" when you purposefully-design specific webpage elements to increase the probability of a "conversion." The resulting conversion will be a sale or a lead, which will turn a visitor into a paying customer.

CRO Design Elements

As previously stated, there are several websites with pages specifically designed to convert your website's visitors into customers.

This leads us to the exact locations on your website where these conversions take place. It's usually one of four places: your homepage, your pricing page, your blog, and your landing pages.

These four pages can be optimized for higher conversion rates, and the strategy aiming to do so is CRO. Here's what these website elements can get out of a solid CRO strategy implementation.

Your Homepage

It's the first place most of your visitors will see when they visit your website. It's your house's front door, which makes them excellent candidates for CRO.

Homepages not only do they have the power of 'first impressions' on their side, but they also carry the opportunity of impressing your visitors into staying long-term. This will boost your ability to keep and retain your visitors. Moreover, you can gently guide your visitors into a deeper dive of your website by linking to product information and offering a free signup button.

Furthermore, you can add a chatbot that can answer your visitors' questions throughout their time on your website.

Your Pricing Page

Out of the all the CRO-eligible website elements, setting up your pricing page for CRO be tricky.

Usually, pricing pages can either bring in visitors in droves or have them flee in the opposite direction. A great tactic to consider would be modifying your pricing intervals for different time periods.

For example, you can have a table explaining the different plans (whether monthly or yearly). Moreover, you can include a contact form or a phone number, so your visitors can ask for a price quote.

Your Blog

Nothing can help set you up for success more than a vibrant blog. It allows you to establish yourself as an industry leader by sharing free advice and adding value to your website visitors via great content.

Having thoughtful content can lead to a customer return rate of 60%, which gives you a higher probability of lead conversions. Furthermore, you can hike up your rates by placing strong calls-to-action (CTA) in your articles, as well as offering free ebooks and guides in exchange for your visitors' email addresses.

Your Landing Pages

Landing pages, in their essence, are pages designed for visitors to take a specific action.

They can be created for different types of actions, like signing up for an event or to download valuable content. They're called landing pages because they have a single goal, unlike the rest of your website where a multitude of goals as well as content is available to your visitors.

This allows you to focus your visitors' attention on one thing, and that is conversion.

CRO Strategies for Your Website

After identifying your website elements prime for optimization comes the eternal question. How are you supposed to optimize them for conversion? There are three easy-to-implement strategies that can increase your CRO in no time at all.

All of these strategies have research and testing your website's performance as its core. Therefore, make sure you're armed with a solid analytics kit.

1. Put Text-Based CTAs in Every Blog Post

Calls-to-action (CTAs) comes in a variety of forms. Yet, some forms are better than others with respect to conversion rates.

A traditional form of CTA would be banners. Unfortunately, people are becoming more accustomed to automatically ignore them. This is where text-based CTAs come in handy.

Usually, the logical course of action would tell you to put your CTA at the bottom of your blog posts, but most of your visitors will never make it there to see it. Make sure you're equally placing your CTAs at the top, as well as at the bottom of your blogs for maximum effect.

2. Add in Lead Flows

Another way of using your blogs as a fertile ground for conversions is adding in lead flows. Basically, lead flows are pop-ups designed to attract your visitors' attention and offer value in return.

Lead flows can be slide-in boxes, drop-down banners, or even a regular pop-up box. It all depends on the type of value you're offering.

3. Prioritize Landing Page Tests

As discussed earlier, landing pages are high-conversion pages at their core. They are the main place where your visitors become either leads or customers or both at the same time.

Due to the importance of understanding how well your landing pages are performing, you'll need to conduct A/B tests to get a solid picture of their performance.

A/B testing is the process in which you compare two versions of a page against each other in order to determine which one performs better. This way you get to intimately understand which elements are actually effective in converting your visitors.

Ready to Shake Things Up?

Getting your conversion rate up can open up new business avenues as well as truly elevate your business to a whole new level of performance.

Now that you have a solid idea about what conversion rate optimization entails, you're in a much better position to start implementing these strategies we've included to help you.

However, we also know that every business is a separate animal altogether. This means that you'll need a tailored CRO strategy for your business to see some conversion magic. Contact us, so we can help put set you on the right path.

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