Recipe for Sales Success: How to Create an Automated Sales Funnel

Sales funnels take the monumental task of advertising and reduce it to four effective steps:

  • First, make people aware of your brand.
  • Then, help those leads see why they'll benefit from your products or services.
  • Next, advance into the nitty-gritty, i.e., specs and pricing.
  • Finally, transform your lead into a long-lasting customer.

That's quite a bit of heavy lifting, but it's something that's repetitive. That's why an automated sales funnel works. You can still tailor your messages to each new lead.

Best of all, you're not toiling away at a desk, manually raising product awareness, expressing benefits, offering specs, and securing payments. Rather, you're letting technology work for your company. Here's everything you need to know about sales funnel automation.

Why Automated Sales Funnels?

Perhaps the greatest benefit to sales funnels is that company executives aren't stuck with basic data entry tasks when they could be crafting new ad campaigns, updating the company's website, or preparing for a trade show.

Spending time drafting endless e-mails and updating customer contact information is a waste of time when technology is smart enough to do it for us. Since we're dealing with automation and bots, the customer data is going to be gathered in a more efficient (and robust) manner. It'll also be placed in a centralized database with ready access.

Finally, just because certain systems are automated doesn't mean customers will think you're not sitting behind the screen. Based on customer interests, prior purchases, and other data, personalized e-mails can be sent out with specific product recommendations. Of course, their names will be used, maintaining that sense of camaraderie, but their desires will be specifically targeted, enabling more sales.

Step One: Make People Aware of Your Brand

In 2020, brand awareness has to be focused on social media. It's where people live, whether we like it or not. There is a multitude of tools out there to help your company automate posts across social media platforms.

You can also build out your blog, making customers aware not only of your company's products but also of your knowledge in your chosen field. This, too, can be automated since you can outsource your blog writing to smart agencies with talented writers on staff.

Step Two: Flaunt Your Benefits

Okay. You've caught people's eye with your social media domination and insightful blog posts. Now, how do you get them to understand how powerful your products are? Offer something free!

Your leads can enjoy a sweet sampling of your products through opt-in forms to access newsletters, free webinars, how-to videos (hello, YouTube), and other free kits and resources.

Of course, these freebies aren't exactly automated; you have to create them. But, once they're up and running, it's a matter of posting them to your website and letting the automation system decide which videos and links to send to interested parties.

Step Three: Increase the Desire

Here, you'll increase the desire and personalized communication. Once someone is interested enough to select one of your company's opt-in tools, you can send them a gorgeous welcome e-mail, filled with colorful graphics and promises to receive all the latest offers, discounts, and sales alerts.

Take some time to work on your intro e-mail. Include testimonials, invites to your social media pages, a link to your latest blog post, and an "ask us anything" link. E-mail marketing is not dead in the water. Rather, it's the bridge between life in the digital ether and a flesh and bone customer.

Step Four: Transform Your Leads

The final stage is the transformation stage. By now, you've sent enough information your leads' way to where they're one click away from hitting "Submit Order." In this final step, your leads are watching product demos and learning about specialized offers, such as a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Did you happen to notice how integral imagery and video are in each of these steps? In the awareness step, you're bulking up your social media and blog presence. Those are rife with images and videos.

In the flaunting step, you're creating how-to videos and image-packed toolkits. In the desire step, you're sending specifically tailored e-mails that will pique your future customers' interest enough to where they're spending time on your company's site and advancing into the transformation step.

It's worth every bit of time and effort to secure high-quality (non-stock) photos for your resources and film short YouTube videos. There are plenty of ways to outsource all this, too, including your videos.

Automation = Buildup

Without a doubt, automation is the way to go. Again, why spend time doing data entry on new e-mail addresses and recent purchases? Let the bots do it for you. However, when you're ready to release the bots and send out crafty e-mails, you need to have the resources already prepared.

Sure, there's a bit of a preparation period in terms of blog posts and videos. But, that's not lost time. Once those resources are created, you can rapid-fire them out to anyone who'll listen! We kid, to anyone who's knocking on your website's door.

An Automated Sales Funnel for You

How about this. What if you used your knowledge for the important things like how-tos and instructional videos and we used our sales knowledge to build an automated sales funnel for you?

Here at Konvursions, we compile metric tons of technical savvy, marketing chops, and micro-focused data to boost companies' user acquisition strategies.

Once the marketing tools are in place, we pound the virtual pavement to help you acquire more customers, increase sales, and surge your bottom line. Allow us to put all the right systems into play for you today.

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